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Generator and Compressor

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    I have recently some research about Siemens turbine, specially SGT400 model.

    this type of turbine can be used as a generator and also as a compressor. Both of them has a core "core engine "


    I need to know is it possible to use core engine which designed for generator in compressor mode practically. In fact, my question focused on this subject " is it risky? or what kind of problem may be happens if we use these core engine instead of each other, is it any difference in their designs and so on. "

    I read all Siemens documents about SGT400. but i have no drawings and i m not expert in this filed :(

    Its highly appreciated if you help me in this regards.
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    If you are going to buy one of these turbines from Seimens, then they will be very happy to assign their engineering staff to make sure that it does all that you want it to do.

    The simple answer to your question is that it is very possible to drive a compressor with a gas turbine. But how to do it cannot be adequately answered in this forum. It has to be worked out by the engineers who designed the system. None of the engineers will understand the whole solution, so it will take an entire engineering team.

    All this assumes that you are using this compressor for air. If you are planning on using an axial compressor for any other gas, then the engineering cost may very well increase by a couple orders of magnitude.
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    Thanks for your answer. you have a deep understand of my problem.

    actually in general , core engine of generator may works as a compressor but i specially want to know about Siemens sgt400 and all risk and problem may happens.

    i don't want buy from Siemens , so i can not think Siemens help me in this regards. anybody have any connection with Siemens to help me?

    i think its better to write my problem in forum specific for turbine or power electrical engineering. the only forum i know is eng-tips site but recently i can not log in in this forum.
    anybody knows forum or any other site may help me?
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    I think you are confusing the compressor of the gas generator with a compressor driven by the shaft of the power turbine. What you have here is a gas generator (jet engine) that produces a stream of hot gas that then rotates a power turbine (just think about a steam turbine with hot air instead of steam), the power turbine is then used as a mechanical drive to a compressor pump or alternator.
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    Depending on what your compressed air needs are, you might do better with a turbofan aero engine. They produce a high volume of compressed air that bypasses the turbine and blows out the back. But some engineered mods would still be required.
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