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Generator or motor winding

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    Hello friends

    friends, which material generator coil is made and are they insulated of current but not magnat flux or can we use same wire which is used in electrical motors winding,
    Q:which is low cost and best material winding for generator?

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    Motors and generators both use the same sort of wire. It is copper wire with enamel insulation.
    This is also the best and cheapest wire to use

    The insulation is used so that the wires can touch in the winding, but no electric current can flow between the wires.
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    some explanation please about enamel insulation
    is this stooping current to flow one round (one turn) of winding to other one.
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    Yes. It's not always (in fact these days, it's hardly ever) enamel. There are several types depending on operating temperature, corrosion resistance or mechanical toughness desired but most are some type of plastic film, like Kapton or some other polyimide, Formvar (a polyvinyl resin), nylon, polyester and various combinations of these.
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    Yes, the function is to stop wires which have to touch physically (because they are tightly wound into a coil) from conducting electricity between them.

    If this did happen, this would be called a "shorted turn" and it would cause a large current to flow in this turn and possibly make it melt the wire.
    It would also cause the motor or generator to work badly or not at all.
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    Thanks for that, negitron. I had no idea.
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