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Generator problems

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    Alright for a few days now I have been working on a small little cute generator. I want it to power a 60 watt light bulb and thats about it

    Now my design goes off of what I know and what I have been able to scrounge up but of course it is almost impossible to find anything relevant without paying for info since the internet is full of the "power your house for free (at the cost of this manual)" I don't want to run my house on self made power I just want this little light to light

    Any way here is my design


    From what I understand what I need to do is disrupt the magnetic fields of the wire which produces a charge?

    Well I cannot produce a charge with this design could somone tell me what I am doing wrong and how I can fix this? Please and thank you
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    Take a look at this webpage,

    http://www.otherpower.com/turbineplans.shtml [Broken]

    Scroll down to the "Stator," and "Magnet Rotor" links. Those should help you with this design.
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    actually I found out what my problem was ._.

    Its a bit of the moron moment syndrome... Looking at the package of wire I bought I noticed it was bare wire not enameled ...

    Sorry for the bother though I did look at the website and will save it for future use
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