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Generator question

  1. May 26, 2009 #1
    Sine wave generation coil at 0 degree the coil is parallel with the north and south poles of the magnet, no voltage and no wave. At 90 degree coil is cutting maximum flux line and generates voltage and first positive, half of the wave. At 180 degree again no voltage end of one half of a wave. At 270 degree again cutting maximum flux lines and generating negative part of the wave. At 360 degree no voltage end of one complete wave, another one starts the process is same.

    If this is so, how can just one volt, bee generating 60 cycles wave, when sometimes its righten 120v equal to 60 cycles)?

    If period T is time it takes for one charge or a charge to complete one oscillation how does the coil turning and generating oscillating wave come in into the picture?

    Does it mean when it turns in the magnetic lines, that magnetic lines are charging particles and then pushing them up and down over an opposite charge to wave one complete cycle of wave?

    I know that is not true cose to coils hade to be involved to generated to halfs of wave to make one complete, cose in dc there was only 1 coil and it had only one half of a wave
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