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Generator synchronization

  1. Jul 20, 2010 #1
    i am BSEE student, my project study is to synchronize the generator of an hospital, it have a one 313KVA standby-power diesel gen.,and three 100kva transformer.The generator system is operated manually and no ATS or UPS. one more new building is being build so the transformer will be upgrade to a higher vale.
    1)how i can connect the new gen. to the old gen. and to the synchronize panel?
    2)what is the new gen. to be buy?(rating, etc.)

    These is my title: To synchronize the generator system of the ____ Hospital.
    Anyone have a good title?
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    its a good and challenging project, first of all the synchronization of 2 generators consist of 4 parts:
    1- the voltages should be equal in all phases in the 2 generators
    2- the 2 generators should be in phase
    3- the output of the 2 generators should have same frequency
    4- the sequence of different generator phases in the two generators should be the same (meaning if the sequence of phases in generator 1 is :a-b-c, then the sequence of phases in generator 2 should also be:a,b,c)
    So you have to make a circuit that do the 4 steps of synchronization.
    with respect to the rating of the generator, it depends on the load you have in the building.
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