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Generator vs alternator

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    Hello there everyone.

    I was wondering about low rpm power generation.
    Is it better to get an alternator or a generator?

    I've been reading about both but I'm still a little confused about which would be best suited.
    This is going to be for a wind turbine. So the rpm and the power will be pretty low.
    My area has wind but not all that strong. 5-10 mph is about all we get here on a regular basis.
    Unless there is a storm. Lol

    Thanks in advance
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    well an alternator is also a generator as it generates electricity it is just called alternator because it produces AC.
    Now many generators have a commutator which is the part where the electric contact is provided for the rotor windings which requires a sliding contact which does wear out with time.

    Now if your application is as you say low power , I would buy an alternator which has permanent magnets in the rotor or is otherways brushless.

    there are basically dc and ac generators.
    Alternator is an ac generator (commonly understood as a smaller one like in cars etc.)
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