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Genetic-Crossing over question

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    Why is crossing over a gene mutation? Isn't it part of Meiosis 1? Isn't meiosis 1 a normal thing that happens in gametes?
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    Crossing over is not a gene mutation. Is a way of rearranging the genes that come from the parental genomes. This acts to give different combinations of genes in the gametes, combinations that would not occur if there was no crossing over. Mutations involve changes in the base sequence nucleotides, not simply the rearrangement of them at meiosis. :smile:
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    Well, my bio teacher told me there's 6 chromosome mutation: Crossing over, deletion, translocation, duplication, Inversion, and disjunction. Anyone want to callaborate?
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    Any change in DNA can be considered a mutation. Crossing over (or recombination) is a change in the composition of the chromosome rather than of an individual gene. The change in the DNA doesn't have to result from unnatural causes; mutation is indeed a very natural process.
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