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Genetic Diseases

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    I know this may sound a tad morbid, but I need an interesting genetic disease that I can write about (mode of inheritance, physiology, treatment, etc) for my intro to genetics class. There are the obvious one's (Turner Syndrome, Down Syndrome, etc), but I was looking for something less common and maybe more interesting (and hopefully less depressing, is there any genetic "disease" with a good effect out there?)

    Oh and it needs to be listed in teh Online Mendellian Inheritance of Man (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?db=OMIM) [Broken], but I think everything you can thing of is probably listed there.
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    SIckle Cell Anemia? Standard example of balancing adaptation.
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    Any more ideas? I was leaning towards narcolepsy or color blindness...
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    How about Albinism? Not as debilitating, so not as morbid to write about. Don't think it is generally reffered to as a "disease", but rather a "condition", (due to its relatively benign nature), but technichally, it is a disease; just a very mild and non-threatening one.
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