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Genetically Engineered Bacteria

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    Would it be feasible to genetically engineer cyanobacteria so that they could exist in extreme climates and pressures? Then, could we make a jar full of them and throw it into some inhospitable planet that we believe have liquid water underneath its surface, so that the bacteria could proliferate and eventually oxygenize the environment?

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    This is theoretically doable I believe and has been much discussed under the rubric of terraforming. I don't think a typlical jar would be enough, and there are other problems (bacteria are living creatures, so they need food).
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    What food would cyanobacteria require other than the high CO2 atmosphere of the planet, and the water that is supposedly underneath the surface of the planet?

    Also, does anybody know any websites or articles about this topic? Are there any companies that are actually trying to do this?

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    well.. they would definitely need light!
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