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Geneticist Steve Jones: Why men are the true second sex.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Geneticist Steve Jones: Why men are the true "second sex."

    "Males are, in many ways, parasites upon their partners," Jones writes. "Their interests are to persuade the other party to invest in reproduction, while doing as little as they can themselves. Like all vermin, from viruses to tapeworms, they force their reluctant landladies to adapt or to be overwhelmed."

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    If this article is stating the reality of the male role, then we are all in trouble...both genders have typical qualities that compliment the other...i really like this comment from someone who commented:

    I know I would be awfully lonely without my man :smile:
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    i agree with the statement if you look at the animal kingdome the male attracts the female and in most rodents males have about 80 partners which they either force thems selves on or some how convince the female to hold on to soemthing for a few weeks...humans are no diffrent (- the 80 mates) than anmails and i regret saying this but men suck...most men... But following nature the women do have to do there part by chooseing the best mate

    Ladies i am free from now till forever

    wow that was the first smily face i used...
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    seems like a highly scientific version of "all men are pigs"
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    Thanks for restoring my faith, Kerrie. That article was thinly veiled male bashing. Is there an ongoing shift in the role of males in Western cultures? Sure. Are males becoming obsolete to the human race? Not at all. For every "parasite" quality, we could also identify an altruistic quality. For every complaint about men, we could dredge up a similar complaint about women. But I would prefer to focus on the positive.

    But that's the linked article (written by an entertainment columnist, not a scientist)...as for the quote from Dr. Steve...I'd note that there are countless examples of human males who devote their lives to helping their mates and their children. Some parasite.
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