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Genetics, eh

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    Are fingerprints the same for twins? That is, are they based on development, on the genetic code, or a combination of both? Its probably a dumb question, but it had me wondering.
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    The fingerprints of identical twins are not identical. So sayeth Columbo, and it was so.
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    Fingerprints are formed due to stochastic factors.
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    Thanks ChemicalSuperfreak and Monique. I really appreciate it. I knew they didn't have the same fingerprints -- I just was curious on how features can look the same and not be "genetically" the same, that's what I was aiming at.

    Addendum: I have a question for Monique. Why would guesswork (stochastic) cells for the fingerprints be random? And even if they are random isn't there some chance (very unlikey) that they could resemble multiple qualitites?

    Thanks again.
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    Another God

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    I assume they would be affected by the environment they are in direct contact with.... they are afterall external, vulnerable to touching things, vulnerable to temperature differences, water wrinkling them differently and so on...
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    If that were the case, each of our fingers would have a different print. Right???

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