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  1. You should make a genetics subforum.
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    It could be posted next to biology.

    I've been wondering about some biology related subforums, but I am not sure if there is a real demand to make them. I mean, it is nice and cozy in biology right now :)


    Biology, for human physiology
    Genetics, for evolution and genetic questions
    Molecular Biology, for lab techniques
    Microbiology, for microorganisms

    something like that? there are so many catagories that can be made, but it should be kept simple.
  4. That's a good idea.
    You know what's scary?
    I just looked at the clock to find that in my time zone, it's 9:11. Freaky, huh?
  5. Economics And Management Subfourms

    Hey Greg
    Economics And Management Subforums
    it is also a hot topic for forums
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