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News Geneva convention

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    Watched a disturbing report on bbc of a us soldier killing a seriously wounded person (through a window) in a room with no escape thought to be an insurgent in Fallujah, it was very cold hearted/cowardly and sickening . Surley this must violate the geneva convention. This must have been broadcast to millions of people it does not look good...

    EDIT: Especially the way it was portraited/appeard as if this was a common conduct of us forces. Looks more and more like vietnam or something worse everyday.
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    There could be situations where the killing would be justified.

    Here's one : if there are civilians in the house that the militant could hold hostage and possibly kill, then it would be justified in killing him.

    Two : a severely wounded militant with a grenade in his bag/pocket is still considered dangerous. If he reaches for something, he can be shot. If he's thrown away/given up all his arms and surrendered, he can not be shot.

    This may be in violation of the GC, but it would be hard to say with the limited info (do you have a link to a source?).
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