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GENIE 2000, LabSocs module, Detector.txt

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    Dear all,

    I am trying to use built in LabSocs detectors for sourceless calibration of our laboratory detector. In order to quantify possible differences, I wanted to extract the exact geometry of the model, that is presented inside LabSocs. Since my version of the software is very limited, I cannot define or see dimensions of the detector, only sample.

    However, I can access Detector.txt file (C:\GENIE2K\ISOCS\DATA\PARAMETERS\DETECTOR.TXT) which contains information I need in the following form:

    69.98 is crystal diameter
    25.18 is crystal height
    76.2 is endcap internal diameter
    88.9 is endcap external diameter
    133.4 is endcap height
    Unfortunately, I could not find or obtain from developers the information about numbers in bold. Can anyone share it?
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