Genie and 3 wishes.

  1. Im watching this x-files episode. Mulder wished for peace on earth. So the genia deleted every other person from earth. So it made me think. What would be my 3 wishes. I think these would be the perfect wishes. Perhaps other people might think that they wouldnt like these wishes. But they would definately be great for me.

    So they are:

    3:Free will of my own.

    While wish #2 would probably be broken in a sense. If the genie cant do omnipotence. I would ask for something near as possible to it.
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  3. ..........for this thread to be deleted.
  4. ....we all love trolls.
  5. those aren't very fun wishes. yeah, i think they suck. wish for something practical, like, chocolates, a cruise, enhancement of your male bits.
  6. thats just it. omnipotence + immortality means i have unlimited of those.
  7. doesn't mean you have big manly bits. how crummy would it be to live for ever ill-endowed? sides, that combination sounds immoral if you intend to use it to get chocolates and a cruise.
  8. who says im not packing as it is now?
    and even if i wasnt. im omnipotent. I would have the power to either make it larger. or create a woman who wouldnt care.

    What is immoral? my defination is basically Is it RIGHT or WRONG basically.
  9. immortality would SUCK. the universe is expanding faster and faster. it is going to be a very lonely place in a few billion years. perhaps you enjoy eternity alone, temperatures around absolute zero, no light, neverending
  10. Bad wishes. Yes, immortality sucks donkey after the end of the world, it gets boring real fast. Omnipotence already gives you the power to make yourself immortal so you've wasted a wish. Free will of your own is a redundant wish.

    Ok, first, wish for more wishes. If there's a rule against that then at least wish for the wisdom to make good use of your remaining wishes before using up the other two. But of course Mulder was already wise enough to do the right thing.
  11. 1. superman's powers
    2. invulnerable to kryptonite
    3. power to cause orgasms with a handshake.
  12. 1. Superman's powers
    2. Just enough wit to wear a lead suit and perhaps... oh... a mask.
    3. Yeah, that handshake thing. I'll have what he's having.
  13. i'd like that handshake thing too... ooh the possibilities
  14. Oh but I will also be omnipotent. So I would have the power to make it so that doesnt happen.

    Actually the wish is so placed to assure that i am immortal. If the omnipotence not being possible doesnt occur. and its something very close. I might be then not completely immortal.

    and the free will thing. as in the x-files episode. the genia was normal and asked to be all powerful. so the genie made her a genia. which has its limits obviously.
  15. 1. Infinite wishes.
    2. Death to hippies
    3. Me to become ruler of earth.
  16. you cant wish for infinite wishes... just 3.
    and what if the genie killed everyone on earth. you would be ruler. but u would be ruler of nothing.
  17. Did you state in your first post that ONLY 3 wishes are allowed? No you didn't. And getting infinite wishes is just as unrealistic as getting immortality as you put it. So it is fair to put it.

    And what? I didn't state I wanted to be the only person alive. I want to be ruler of earth. I don't see why you are criticizing my choice of wishes, where you ask for 'free will of your own'. Then I ask: Who's will is it you have now? Is someone controlling your opinions on anything? If you can't be clear on your choices of wishes, don't ask of me the same thing.
  18. Um no. I stated it in the UMMMMMM TITLE!!!
    It is also a given. It is stated MANY times that its against the sort of rules to have infinite amount of wishes.

    um no its not. infinite wishes would be possible. but its against the genie rules. sort of say. and immortality isnt unrealistic. I said omnipotence. There are certain paradoxes in relation to omnipotence. Can you create a stone thats so heavy u cant lift it?

    you didnt state that everyone else must live. you didnt specify either way. So the genie would make you the ruler of the world. the easiest way. and essentialy leaving you the only person on earth.

    When asking for omnipotence. the genie could very well make me a genie. and they i have no power for myself. and i basically do nothing until im released to grant wishes.
  19. You didn't imply ANYTHING. No mention of the word 'only' has been stated in any of your words. You have not said once specifically that infinite wishes are not allowed.

    Oh dear. Since when does many = none? And lets just say for the sake of argument, that it is implied. How about putting it down in the ORIGINAL THREAD so your post isn't so damn confusing?

    Oh really? Then what would be the point of this thread?

    I also didn't ask the genie that everyone must die. And lets say, for the sake of this argument, that everyone DID die. Who are you to interfere with what I wish?

    ...There is an equal chance that he will grant you with YOUR model of omnipotence.

    Also, your definition of omnipotence confounds me. Why does a genie have no limits in his power when he can ONLY GRANT 3 WISHES?
  20. 1)Being payed $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0000,0001000 a second for doing absoultly nothing
    2)Make everone on Earth do anything I say without any resitance
    3)Give me genie powers without having to grant people wishes!
  21. I can't believe you guys are arguing about the rules on how to make wishes. This thread sucks, I wish it to the recycle bin.
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