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Genius of the webcomic XKCD

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    For anyone not aware of the absolute genius of the webcomic XKCD, I think http://www.xkcd.com/438//" [Broken] comic should resonate with many of the members here :rofl:

    Seriously, if you are a maths/science/physics/computer science/dinosaur geek check out the archives, there are some very funny comics there.

    Edit: oh make sure you 'mouse over' the comic image and red the alt text that pops up. There is always an extra punch line in that for XKCD.
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    LOL, just got it bookmarked.

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    I think Hurkyl links to this in his signature. Or at least he used to if not now.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    I'm actually becoming less impressed with xkcd over time. I think the author is slowly losing his touch. I wonder if it's a side effect of leaving academia to draw comics full-time. Most of his more recent strips are pretty superficial (no "advanced mathematics", or advanced linguistics topics, or anything really), and many of the recent ones are not even all that funny, except maybe to high-school students.
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    I agree there hasn't been a good maths/science one for ages.
    The current ones are nice art but the boy-girl-hat thing is a bit self-referential.
    Maybe he/she needs to do two strips, a science one and a new name for the boy-girl.

    Less frequently updated but also worth reading is http://www.wellingtongrey.net/miscellanea/archive/index.html he is a physics teacher with a geeks-eye view of the world.
    He also became famous for 15mins for a letter about the decline in standards of science teaching in (UK) schools which is also on his site.
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    I never really liked XKCD. They're pretty lame. Once in a blue moon there's a mildly amusing one, but most are just WAY too geeky, even for a self-proclaimed geek.

    But, now we have PhD Comics right here at PF, so I'm happy. :biggrin:
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    I love xkcd! very amusing, and pretty good hand drawings too. I already had it on my favourite list.
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