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A Genkin-Mednis Method? An extra term -- why?

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    The Genkin-Mednis is usually used to calculate the nonlinear optical properties of periodic polymers or crystals, the analytical derivation is captured in the posted image,
    My problem is (483), where does an extra term on the right hand side of (483)
    come from? [tex] ie S^\dagger (\kappa t)\nabla_{\kappa} S^\dagger (\kappa t) E(t)[/tex]
    My derivation is simple:
    left multiplying [tex] S^\dagger[/tex] in the last equation in page 197
    Then we can derive (483) but without the extra term [tex] ie S^\dagger (\kappa t)\nabla_{\kappa} S^\dagger (\kappa t) E(t)[/tex], Who can give me a hint, why the extra term appears?
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