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Genome Project

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    Would you please tell me what exactly people mean by Genome Project ?
    It is a project but I read some materials which were published different years and they also talked about Genome Project (honestly I don't understand what they are talking about either), are there lots of Genome Projects ?or only one ?
    Thanks alot
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    There were basically two main, seperate efforts to determine the sequence of the human genome in the 1990s: One by the publicly funded Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) and one by the private, for-profit company Celera Genomics and its founder, J. Craig Venter. Using sophisticated methods ("shotgun sequencing"), Venter succeeded in sequencing the genome in just about 2 years and published the results in a Science paper in 2000 - MUCH earlier than anyone had expected.

    By "the" genome project, people usually refer to HUGO. Genome projects in the plural usually means the several local projects across the world into which HUGO split its work. Public research institutions in other countries would sequence a chromosome or two, and in the end, the results would be put together.
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    There are lots of genome projects in the sense that there are efforts made by independent teams of researchers to sequence the genomes of many different organisms.
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    Thank you both a lot,
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