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Genre of music

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    I know it's quite embarrassing when I ask this, but how can one distinguish different types of music. I can clearly tell which one is a pop song. It's easy since pop song is just about love.
    I know Rock, and Heavy Rock (is it also called Heavy Metal?), but I don't know what's the difference. Is that there's more drums in HR than in Rock?
    I also know rap, R&B, and Hip-hop, but once again I don't know the difference... :frown:
    And also is Dance some kind of music that you gonna find in a disco?
    So hopefully, can anyone fetch me some knowledge on this field, or point me to a site that teaches me something like that?
    Thanks a lot, :smile:
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    I don't think that's entirely true, a lot of pop songs are about love, but I wouldn't call that the rule which distinguishes pop from other types of music because a lot of other types of music have songs about love as well.
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    The word 'Pop' comes from 'Popular'. Alas, your definition is simply not true.
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    And so on. Just look any particular genre up in the Wikipedia. They describe it and mention bands that exemplify it you can listen to.
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