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Genrel Combonation Solving

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    Whats a genral formula for figuring out combos try showing me with variables i learn faster that way. And thank you for you help
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    Nvm mind i fond something on the internet
    the answer was simple

    the number of digits you can put in which will be variable "a"
    to the power of number of digits there which will be variable "b"

    a = 2
    b = 4 (this is really 3, but most likly your gonna be able to input the number 0 in there)

    formula a^b = 16 possible combinations
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    What you've found is a formula for a specific type of selection. There are others.
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    What is a Combonation ? :-)
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    cantormath]What is a Combonation ? :smile:

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