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Geodesic dome angles

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    Any math wizards here willing to assist me in determining cut angles for parts to construct geodesic dome greenhouse. I am building a 13' diameter geodesic dome. I am using the info from geodesic dome calculators on line for a 2V version. It is composed of 6 pentagonal frames with internal struts that radiate to the 5 points on the pentagonal frames.Five pentagons create the walls and the 6th one is the roof. Triangle voids remain between the pentagons. I have cut the pentagon frame parts but need construction details on cutting the internal struts. The pentagon sides are 4.017' (48 3/16") and the internal struts are 3.552' (42 5/8"). A line from the center of each pentagon side to the center of pentagon creates a 20 degree angle. The 9/16 x 2 15/16 pentagon frames are mitered with a 20 degree bevel. I need cutting instructions for the internal struts that radiate from the points....any help would be appreciated.
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    Is this a 2v form of icosahedron?

    I have a program that will allow figuring the angles.

    Email krazykyngekorny(@)gmail.com
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