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Geographic information systems

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    I was hoping I could get some advice from planners or people who work with GIS(Geographic information systems.)

    My advisor and I had a meeting a few days ago and he suggested that I obtain a certifciation of GIS through the geography program. I'm not exactly sure what GIS is and how it is used, but I would like to know more. I've asked around but the people who do know what it is at my campus are at a conference until thursday. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that I had to pick my classes by Thursday. If I decide to get a GIS, i'm doomed to more 18-21 hour semsters until I graduate. Although I can handle the course work, I want to know how much it benefits me in the long run.
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    I use alot of GIS in my phd in mathematical geology. It's such a broad ranging topic. Can be used from urban planning to exploration targeting for mining companies (which is more the kind of thing I do). It's certainly a very helpful skill to have, and knowledge of at least one of the major GIS packages is something that will hold you in high regard with many potential employers in the future :smile:
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    Awesome, thank you for your reply. It looks like come the fall, i'll be taking my first gis course.
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