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Geology: Long-Term (Tectonic) Forecast of Continents from NYT Science

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    Kiss the Mediterranean goodbye. Ditto the Red Sea and its wonderland of coral reefs and exotic sea life. And prepare for the day when San Francisco has a gritty new suburb: Los Angeles. Indeed, much of Southern California, including the Baja Peninsula, will eventually migrate up the west coast to make Alaska even more gargantuan...

    ...Dr. Scotese drew a series of futuristic maps and, in the 1990s, found an ideal way to communicate his increasingly detailed visions of the terrestrial past and future: over the Internet. Today, Dr. Scotese’s Web site, www.scotese.com, which he started in 1998, showcases his work, called the Paleomap Project. Teachers use his animations, and his site has won scientific awards.

    (From New York Times: Science)
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