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Geology or geography?

  1. Apr 20, 2013 #1
    Hello earthlings.....
    I'm undecided about what to major in. But I do know that its gotta be in a earth science. At present I'm taking geology..in the summer I'll be taking geography. Then in the fall I'll be taking oceanography.
    My question is which one pays more and is more stable in the job market?
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    In my opinion, your question is wrong. It should be: 'How am I going to figure out what happened to Earth in the past?'
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    Here you go.


    As for which is higher paying and more stable, hard to say. There aren't many openings, for the entire field of all geosciences there are less than 40k positions in the US. They do predict growth, but they don't say in which field.
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    If your primary goal in choosing a vocation is money, you might as well be selling shoes.
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    Obviously their primary goal in choosing a vocation isn't money. You can tell this firstly because they list a second criteria for deciding between majors, and secondly because they've already narrowed the field down to to careers that aren't particularly lucrative.

    This is the careers section of the forum. Asking which degree or specialty within one's area of interest offers more financial stability is entirely appropriate.
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    If you're willing to get practical, there are still loads of GIS efforts in many utilities where a degree in Geography with a specialty in cartography is quite appropriate. These offer interesting opportunities for career advancement.
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