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Geomagnetic fall to earth

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    can somebody explain to me what is geomagnetic that recently run down to earth?
    i really want to know.
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    I'm sorry, what are you referring to? I've never heard of a geomagnetic.
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    i'm really sorry if i got it wrong. but, i just want to know about something at the space that fall to earth, and produce solar storm.i dont really know what it is.
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    Maybe he is referring to the geomagnetic storm that was caused by a solar coronal mass ejection and caused the aurora borealis on January 24?
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    Here is an excerpt from an article that explains it in detail.

    Timacho, please note that the geomagnetic storm does not produce a solar storm. Quite the opposite. The geomagnetic storm itself is caused by solar activity. It is
    called "geomagnetic" [geo=earth] because it is triggered when the solar wind interacts with earth's magnetic field.
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