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Geomagnetic field demonstration

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    For physics, I had to write a report and show a demonstration on the magnetic field of the Earth. I already turned in the report and I have an idea about showing the field. I was thinking of sticking a strong magnet inside a rubber globe of the Earth and then putting paperclips on different parts of the globe. The magnetic field would cause the clips to point in a certain direction depending on where I place it. Does this sound like an ok demonstration? Is there a better way of showing the m-field of the Earth?
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    I think this won't work; you would at least have to use compass needles to see the effect, but I guess it's nearly impossible to pin them onto a globe. But you could use a real compass which you would then place at different places (..."place at different places"? Excuse my small vocabulary :smile:) of the globe surface. BUT: I don't know how close to the magnet you would have to go with the compass, or how strong your magnet would have to be, I advise you to just try it!
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    well, I need a REAL STRONG magnet. I haven't found any regular magnets that work so I will have to go looking around the physics dept in school to see if I can borrow one... ;)
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