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Homework Help: Geometrical optics help?

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    Geometrical optics help??

    Design a converging achromatic lens of focal length 100cm. Refractive indices and dispersive powers for the two glasses available are 1.51 and 0.016 for crown glass and 1.61 and 0.026 for flint glass. The converging element of the achromat is to be bi-convex and the diverging element is to be plano-concave. Which glass is to be used for each of the two elements of the lens, and determine the radii of curvature of the lens surfaces????

    Thats the question,ist relly long and i dont understand any of it,can you help???...how do i even start this question???
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    OMG...dis is da same ? i am soo stuck on...any1 plz help!!!!
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