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Geometrical Optics

  1. Apr 4, 2006 #1
    A convex lens of focal length f is placed in front of a convex mirror having the same principal axis as the lens. Construct the path of a ray of light which coincides with the corresponding ray emerging from the lens-mirror system, and the path of the ray whose corresponding emergent ray is its symmetrical with respect to the principal axis.

    Does this make any sense to anyone?
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    Chi Meson

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    I believe this is the worst-worded ray-diagram question I have eaver read. Do they mention what the radius or focal length of the mirror is? Is the lens placed inside or outside the mirrors focal length?
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    Absolutely nothing! Most questions involved in this course Im taking are similar to this, & most of the times I'm not quite sure where to start.

    I think it's trial & error all the way ...
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    Chi Meson

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    Well then, draw a lens and a mirror. Put in the focal points. Start with a parallel ray and see where it goes. Take the outcoming ray and draw a new ingoing ray that is symmetrical to the first outgoing ray.
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