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B Geometries of the Universe

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    What are the most widely accepted geometries of the universe?
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    Euclidean geometry (that's the one where we learn about area of shapes, sectors, etc.). Then you have the non-Euclidean geometries like elliptical geometry (Riemann geometry), which describes curved space.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by this. We have one current best-fit model for the spacetime geometry of the universe: it's an expanding universe with spatial slices of constant comoving time that are flat (Euclidean). The error bars in measurements still allow a small chance that the spatial geometry of slices of constant comoving time is a 3-sphere or an open "3-hyperbolic" geometry, either way with an extremely large radius of curvature (i.e., very close to flat). Is that what you're asking about?
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