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Geometry and Discrete Math

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    My life is miserable already first week into grade 12. This stupid book they have given is like Socrates, it asks questions but it only gives ugly pictures and more questions. The examples barely relate to the questions, and our Master Teacher only does examples. Of course I am not a brilliant person, but with raw courage I have achieved 86=% in my grade 11. I don't know what I am doing in that class.

    Proof this that and the other. I feel like I am back in my grade 8 French class, I don't know foot from @$$. PLEASE HELP ME!

    I learn by example, GUYS SUGGEST A BOOK FOR ME! Of course aimed at proofing with Analytic geometry. :cry:
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    Which specific topics are you having trouble with?
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    Thank you for the reply. :)

    Well I am having problems with "proof with Analytic geometry". Also other type of number proofing. If you guys can or do know a book with lots of examples aimed at Discrete and Analytic geometry aimed at Grade 12 Please do post. A website would be good too
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