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Geometry and physics

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    I did bad in geometry my sophomore yr of high school. Sr. Year I plan on taking physics. How much of physics math deals with geometry?
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    Do you see any reason why you could not improve your geometry?

    If you really want to be in physics, you probably like geometry too. Maybe don't damn your future for something that happened in the past. Unsolicited opinion, I know, but food for thought?
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    I might depend on WHY you did bad.

    Was your high school geometry class a proofs-based class (mine was)? If it was proofs-based I probably wouldn't worry much. If you later did well in something more mechanical and numerical (like perhaps your per-calculus class) I'd say you're ok. Physics will deal more with the application of geometry.

    But if you struggle with things like sine versus cosine, etc... not good. You can probably, however, get some concise, summary-style book recommendations from someone on here to reteach yourself the basics.
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    Yea it was mostly proofs and I sucked at that.
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    Since it's high school physics, I'm assuming that it's algebra based physics.

    Most of what you do will involve solving systems of equation (when you have multiple equations, and multiple variables).

    You will have to deal with vectors, which involves the Pythagorean theorem, as well as trigonometry, but it's not terribly complicated geometry.
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