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Geometry Geometry by Lang and Murrow

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    Table of Contents:
    Code (Text):

    [*] Introduction
    [*] Distance and Angles
    [*] Lines
    [*] Distance
    [*] Angles
    [*] Proofs
    [*] Right Angles and Perpendicularity
    [*] The Angles of a Triangle
    [*] An Application: Angles of Reflection
    [*] Coordinates
    [*] Coordinate Systems
    [*] Distance Between Points on a Line
    [*] Equation of a Line
    [*] Area and the Pythagoras Theorem
    [*] The Area of a Triangle
    [*] The Pythagoras Theorem
    [*] The Distance Formula
    [*] Distance Between Arbitrary Points
    [*] Higher Dimensional Space
    [*] Equation of a Circle
    [*] Some Applications of Right Triangles
    [*] Perpendicular Bisector
    [*] Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles
    [*] Theorems About Circles
    [*] Polygons
    [*] Basic Ideas
    [*] Convexity and Angles
    [*] Regular Polygons
    [*] Congruent Triangles
    [*] Euclid's Tests for Congruence
    [*] Some Applications of Congruent Triangles
    [*] Special Triangles
    [*] Dilations and Similarities
    [*] Definition
    [*] Change of Area Under Dilation
    [*] Change of Length Under Dilation
    [*] The Circumference of a Circle
    [*] Similar Triangles
    [*] Volumes
    [*] Boxes and Cylinders
    [*] Change of Volume Under Dilations
    [*] Cones and Pyramids
    [*] The Volume of the Ball
    [*] The Area of the Sphere
    [*] Vectors and Dot Product
    [*] Vector Addition
    [*] The Scalar Product
    [*] Perpendicularity
    [*] Projections
    [*] Ordinary Equation for a Line
    [*] The 3- Dimensional Case
    [*] Equation for a Plane in 3-Space
    [*] Transformations
    [*] Introduction
    [*] Symmetry and Reflections
    [*] Terminology
    [*] Reflection Through a Line
    [*] Reflection Through a Point
    [*] Rotations
    [*] Translations
    [*] Translations and Coordinates
    [*] Isometries
    [*] Definitions and Basic Properties
    [*] Relations with Coordinates
    [*] Composition of Isometries
    [*] Definition of Congruence
    [*] Proofs of Euclid's Tests for Congruent Triangles
    [*] Isometries as Compositions of Reflections
    [*] Index
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  3. Aug 18, 2017 #2
    Is this book enough to cover a high school geometry course? Despite the name, I think I should confirm if this would count as enough. However, as with other Lang's book, I'm pretty sure this would be a good one.
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