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Homework Help: Geometry Discrete Problem Thanks!

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    An Advertising sign is supported by a horizontal steel brace extending at right angles from the side of a building, and by a wire attached to the building above the brace at an angel of 25. If the force of gravity on the sign is 850N, find the Tension in the wire and the compression in the steel brace
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    You should post your attempts at the problem as well, not just the question. But to get you started, draw a free body diagram around the end of the brace, where the steel, wire and advertising sign all meet, and resolve the forces.
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    You have the EXACT same textbook as me!

    This question is actually really easy once you understand a couple key things. You must first draw a diagram, and remember your arrows on your vectors. Also, it is a common misconception that for these types of problems the compression force is inwards (so in this case toward the building). Actually, the force is outwards. Once you realize this you can simply set up your vectors forming a right angle triangle...use trig to solve.

    Post the steps you have, I'm not going to give you the answer, so I'll check your work with mine (my math teacher confirmed mine is correct). Good luck.
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