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Geometry, not a force!

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    A recent post by chauncey was locked in the "Theory Development" section. I believe his post to be important. I understand that it has been posted in the past, but with hundreds of TOE and UFE posts everyday, someone has to remind the general public about GR. Chauncey stated that GR is a "shape", to use his word. It is a complex geometry explaining the topography of the universe. It can not be united with other forces because gravity is not a force. Electricity creates gravity (don't even us the word gravity, it just misleads us to think of a force) electricity creates a warpage in the topography of the universe.

    I seem to be rambling, the point of this post is to question the lockage of the postatude from my fellow postigator chauncey. The blockenating of the theory development section is ludicruse. Why can we not question mainsteam beliefs? Einsteinst did nothing less. I hope to do nothing more.

    -KOKAIN :surprised
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    I agree. It was my favorite section of the board .. whether I agree with the posts or not, it is refreshing to read alternate, even hopelessly inadequate views.
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    Man I just love 'blockenating ' it should be added to the dictionary , It is a basic requirement that some-one in power is going to organise things the way they think
    it's inescapable -- so long as you subscribe to their space.
    If you wish to escape then create your own space in this ( abstract ethernet world ) alternately just go for a good walk , stop looking at the monitor , it holds absolutely no magic , and at best is just like TV advertising .
    Keep on questioning , accept nothing , and look for the 'truth' -- whatever that may be. Because for sure no one person has a lock on this -- even if they think so .
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    To Nacho

    Totally agree ---- without a difference of opinion we would all agree with Socrates and be in the 'dark ages ' But this is a 'forum ' that means no free speech despite the original greek meaning --- so if you wish 'free speech ' then you will have to create your own forum . ( which is by the way latin ( roman) hence anti free speech .
    The point here is that forums are owned by some - one who sets the rules -- they in turn are controlled by huge conglomerates who are only concerned by money matters .
    It follow that if you wish to delve into abstract matters then they could not care less .
    I will probably be banned for what I am saying -- but that does not mean it's not true -- you have to be true to yourself -- free speech forever
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    Tom Mattson

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    I'm moving this to the Feedback Forum

    It isn't locked. You can still post to it.

    edit: My mistake, yes it is locked. Even so, I agree with the move.

    His post is idiotic.

    First of all, there is the needlessly insulting title. Second, there is the claim he makes that is so vague as to be unintelligible. Third, in addition to not explaining what he means, he supplies no supporting evidence for his claim.

    By all rights, it should have been deleted.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2005
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    Tom Mattson

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    :rofl: This Forum is owned by a 21 year old college student. He created it for fun, and thanks to the contributions from the members it is financially self-sustaining. I assure you that Greg Bernhardt is not some corporate puppet!

    How would you know? Have you ever looked into any of the "abstract matters" of mathematics or physics?
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    Yet, in all of this diatribe, you are unable to show where exactly such "free speech" activity about physics on the net has produced anything of value. All you are able to argue about is that we should do it just because.... we can! I challenge you to show me where unmoderated grabage that you can find in the free-for-all forums about people espousing their "theories" has ever produced anything of significance. Till you can do that, your continuing complaints will be nothing more than bitter whinning.

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    Well it's obvious that Greg is nothing more than a puppet hand for the trilateral commission.
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    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh G'gre'hg P'F wgah'nagl fhtagn.

    It's true – we all just post here in the hope that Greg will grant us access to the plane of wealth and power where he resides.

    I thought everyone knew that... :confused:
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    Ayieee! Yogh-Sothoth!
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    I love this forum, I do not agree with rayjohn01, in fact I have no idea what he is talking about. Tom, I agree the insult is pointless and rude, but I wanted to reply to his post and was unable, I felt that his post could start an intelligent discussion.
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    However, judging from the banner above the PF banner, Greg aspires to become one of those big media conglomerates. As long as I can have a piece of the IPO... :biggrin:
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    Lets talk about geometry. Leave Greg alone.

    I am inclined to believe that a unification of forces is impossible. Gravity, in my limited grasp of reality, is not a force. It is an explanation of warped space-time. If you believe in a flat, closed or open topography space-time is warped by mass or energy. This warping is called gravity (not the actual warping but the effect of the warping upon mass or energy). So the question is, can something created by mass and energy be a force to act upon the same mass or energy, or does the mass/energy affect itself? Although, what creates the nuclear forces? Do electrons create the electrical force that controls them? Maybe.
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    It is the other way around : energy and mass curves space time...

    Besides there are more appropriate places to discuss such topics but here.

    Beware you are not looking at physics the wrong way: there is a difference in describing gravity and claiming to be able to tell what gravity is at "the most fundamental level". The first is the task of physics, the second is pure speculation and not suited for a deep based-upon-facts-discussion

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