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B Geometry of Space

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    Does Geometry of space Changes?
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    That is such as totally vague question as to be unanswerable. Please be MUCH more specific about what you are asking.
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    You know that space has geometry... So is it changes.. I want to know only.
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    This is still a very vague question and I, at least, have not idea how to answer it. Perhaps one of our other members will understand what it is you want do know.
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    OK sir thank u..
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    As @phinds pointed out, this is much too vague to answer. Can you give a specific scenario that illustrates what you are asking about?
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    In the presence of matter or energy the metric, which tells you how to measure lengths varies from place to place. If that's what you mean by geometry then yes.
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    In simple terms the geometry of spacetime is defined by the trajectory followed by photons traveling between any two arbitrary points in space. The portion of the universe visible to us appears, as best we can measure, to be perfectly flat within a fraction of a percent. The most important caveat is that gravitational fields cause photon trajectories to locally depart from otherwise perfectly straight lines. This referred to as curvature, which is most prominently exhibited by what is called Einstein rings
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