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Homework Help: Geometry Problem, Please assist

  1. Sep 25, 2004 #1
    Im back with yet another geometry problem.

    In the parallelogram ABCD, AE:ED = 1:2. B is joined to E on AD. A is joined to opposite vertex C. Intersecting point labelled F.
    Determine the ratio of the area of ABF to quadrilateral EFCD.

    I have tried a variety of methods, yet can't seem to get the right answer (3:11). Please help me any way you can.
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    I'm sorry, but could i clarify something which is unclear? Hopefully someone will be able to help out :S

    Thanks ahead of time.
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    I'll probably be able to answer this on like wednesday, haha, i havent learned this at school yet, but i'm doing the same topic.
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    where's E?
    Could you plz include a diagram.
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    Anyone willing to reply with some suggestions?

    Thanks. :)
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