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Geometry Problem

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    Wasn't sure where to put this so here it is.

    Anyhow ..... I need to map a set of points in cartesian space onto a circle such that the distance between adjacent points in cartesian coordinates is the same after the mapping. I'm not sure exactly how I can do this or even if it's possible (although I suspect it is). Thanks
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    A circle of any radius?

    If I understand what you are doing, you will have to, first, choose an "ordering" of the of the points (points on a line or on a circle have a natural order- points in the plane do not). Now measure the distance from each point to the next (in the given order) including the distance from the last point back to the first. Choose your circle so its circumference is the sum of all those orders. Now just map your points along the circumference so that the first point goes to some arbitrary point on the circle, the second goes the correct distance away, etc.
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