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Geometry problems coming up

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    Man...I hate geometry....I feel like :mad: when I see them...

    I can still do them but I can't do these :sick: .

    Please help me and diagrams would be nice ;) .

    A circle is drawn so that it just fits in the corner of a page. Point A is 1cm from one edge of the page and 2cm from another edge. Find the radius of the cricle.

    Two circles of the same radius touch at A and have a common tangent BC. A small circle touches the larger circles and also has BC as a tangent. Prove that the radius of the small circle is 1/4 of the radius of the larger circles.

    P is a point within a rectangular room ABCF. P's distance to A, B and C is 4m, 3m and 2m respectively. Find distance DP.
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    Not for homework...Mine isn't exactly homework tho....

    Ah well.....Mods can delete this if they want :frown: !
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    Hint for the first one: what is the equation for a circle centered at (x0, y0)?

    If the circle is in the bottom right corner of the page, and the bottom right of the page is (0,0), what are the coordinates for (x0, y0), the point where the circle will be centered? (you should use r, the radius)

    Can you plug in this center position and x=1, y=2 to your equation and solve for r?

    Without referring to your formula for r, can you explain why there are two values of r which cross the point (1,2)?
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