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Geometry Proof. Help

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    Geometry Proof. Help!!!

    I need help with a geometric proof. Please. I dont have a clue where to start, let alone how to do it.
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    Re: Geometry Proof. Help!!!

    So maybe it would help if you told us what your problem is? :)
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    Re: Geometry Proof. Help!!!

    Given: m<RTS=90, (LINE)MN is the perpedicular bisector of (SEGMENT) TS
    Prove: (SEGMENT) TM is the median

    http://C:\Documents[/URL] and Settings\teens\My Documents\Math Proofs
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    Re: Geometry Proof. Help!!!

    It looks to me like that is immediate from the definition of "median". What definition of "median" are you using?

    Here is my general suggestion: definitions in mathematics are "working" definitions- you use the precise words of definitions in proofs and other problem solving. Always learn the precise definitions of words, not just a general idea of what they mean!
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