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Geometry Woes

  1. Jul 29, 2013 #1
    I simply cannot get interested in geometry, but i realize it's an adequate skill to have, does anyone have any tips for me?

    It's also not a matter of mathematical skill since I'm still in the 10th grade and am already capable of doing S.A.T level 5 problems, i just find them a nuisance to deal with.

    Sorry for what appears to be a semi bragging topic, but i just wanted to condense my question into a semi readable format without there being walls of text.

    All help is appreciated :)
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    Something like High School geometry? Yeah, I found that incredibly boring too. Maybe it's the way I was taught. It was all very nonrigorous and vague. And the textbooks didn't help me appreciate it either.

    Now that I know more mathematics, I'm actually pretty interested in Euclidean geometry. A nice book is Hartshorne's "Euclid and Beyond". It's not suitable for high school, but it got me interested.
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    It sounds like you just need a refresher, a compactified review of all the relevant facts. If so, here is an ebook that I think is particularly intuitive. Hover over the "Ebook - free" button to download it.
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    Geometry as a formal course is not usually how you use it either academically or in the real world; but Geometry is still good for your mathematical learning. You learn most of the common geometric ideas which you will use in your Basic Math, Arithmetic, and Algebra 1. Studying Geometry in high school will help you understand some of that stuff, especially the common Geometry, more clearly. You also find brief, very basic introductions to Cartesian Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Vectors, and patterns. Also the Geometry course includes learning to prove properties and relationships. When you later study these in your other courses, at least you have some understanding of them to start.

    What else to say? Either you enjoy it or you do not. If you take the opportunity to study it, then doing this will be good for you.
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