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Geophysic=> Beyond Imagination

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    Hi Guys,

    I found that, we don't have a forum coloum for geophysic. Not many know about geophysics because its not as famous as quatum physics or etc. Geophysics is PHYSIC'S OF EARTH. I'm a nuclear physicst by education, but now i'm a Geophysicst for an top Oil and Gas company. I found that geophysics isa field of physics which is very important. Its beyond our imagination. I believe that this kind of knowledge is more explorable than quatum physics. There are more unknown in geophysics than quatum physic. SO, people...pls contact me if anyone interested in talking about Geo-Physics.

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    Greetigns and welcome, Guna82m! I think there's a question already waiting for someone of your expertise rigth here:

    How much does the Earth's internal temperature fluctuate? Is there a cycle like the Sun's 11-yr cycle? Lots of variables to consider in that thread.
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    I simply love this geophyics stuff. I simply can not tell you how much I love this. I read my physic and Earth and Space book everyday at night. But the thing is that I am not smart enough to take physics.
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    Dear Raza!!!!! Its easy to do well in physics, but its hard to love physics...
    So be proud..you are gifted in such way to love physics.. The love will guide you... BE proud man
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    question about magnetic anomalies

    I hope you can help me with this...
    I'm studying geology and now I'm taking geophysics and for an assignment I have to anser what is the difference between the anomalies observed in the North Polo and in the South Pole. I work with a pc program called PDYKE ( you can download it for free) and it turns that there's no difference between them. Do you know why?
    The other question I have is why anomalies at mid lattitudes, for the northern hemisfere and southern hemisfere, are mirror images?
    thanks for your help!:smile:

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    Yeah I studied Geology for a year and one half of a fulltime load. Not much mention of geophysics or mathematics. I got as far as crystalography and our teacher said he hated what geophysics was all about.
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