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Homework Help: Geophysics questions

  1. Jan 24, 2015 #1
    Hello, Could you tell me help with two questions, please

    The question reads as follows:

    1) Magnetic methods: According magnetic values
    matic susceptibility minerals can be classified into three
    basic groups that have their names. Bring
    designation of these groups and their most basic
    characteristic. Do that holding (s) groups fall Mi-
    Neral containing iron? corroborate concretely

    2) Gravimetry. The density of rocks and soil depends on the density of minerals, which constitute them further
    porosity, and, finally, the proportion of pores filled with air and aqueous solutions. reports fol-
    ing rocks in a series from lowest to highest density:

    sandstone - basalt - quartz sand - Granite - amphibolite with 30% magnetite - Clay

    Thank you very much for your help..
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    We can't help you until you help yourself.
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    Why are you all so cruel...
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    We are not being cruel. Some day, you will be mining an asteroid by surgical emplacement of small nuclear charges. Your partner, my grand-child, will be assisting from her own spacesuit, just a metre away. You want to be sure that you know what you're doing, right?

    When you signed up, you acknowledged that you read the forum rules and would abide by them. And so did we. We are not allowed to help unless you show an effort first.

    See forum rules here:
    "You MUST show that you have attempted to answer your question in order to receive help. You MUST make use of the homework template, which automatically appears when a new topic is created in the homework help forums."
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