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Geophysics - Should I do it?

  1. Sep 13, 2009 #1
    I'm at uc berkeley atm in my first year. I want to decide on a major early on and stick with it so that I won't end up having to spend an extra semester or two later on down the road.

    I definitely want to major in a science-related field. I had thought about engineering, but it's complicated since I'm not in the college of engineering. So that leaves the physical sciences. I'm not into biology at all, so that narrows it down to these majors:

    -atmospheric science
    -planetary science

    All of them are hard core science majors and have a lot of science pre-reqs. I had never even considered geology as a major until a couple months ago, until then I was thinking about mechanical engineering (haha.. yea).

    Has anyone had any experience with this major or any of those listed above? I'm interested in majoring in one of those and maybe a double major with environmental engineering if it suits my fancy.
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    bumping for good measure
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    Well, it's not a race. Make sure you pick a major you really enjoy.
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