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George Best

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    I can't say i am an avid football fan, but george was an icon and will be missed,
    he was a fool frittering his life away on booze, but that can happen to any one,
    it is a pity his money did not bring him happines.
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    He was so good looking and talented in his prime days. But your right Wolram, most of his life was wasted. He could of done so much more with it all.
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    Easily in the running for the best Irish Footballer of all time. He was well loved, just loved the sauce a little too much. Can't say that I have kept up on his life after he let the game, but I knew things weren't going great for him. Too bad about him. I was trying to find some lyrics online for a song about Best called "Alcoholic Heroes"- good tribute tune.
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    yeh.. Footballing legend.. will be missed :frown:

    On a positive note Looks like Kean will be moving to Celtic tho :smile:
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    He was easily the best Irish football player, and even the great pele beleived that george best was the best player in the world.
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    I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.

    George Best
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    Am I the only one feeling some degree of "about bloody time"? Sure, it's sad that someone's died due to an illness which could have so easily been helped, and I feel for his family and friends and all, but this guy was given a fantastic chance with a new liver and blew it.

    Let this be a lesson to you kids!
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    Ratzingers quote is all that can be said, yes he was stupid to waste his second
    chance, maybe someone else was more worthy of a new liver, i thought it strange at the time that doctors even considered him for a transplant, but fame
    and money seem to count in such matters.
    That does not take away from him what he was, a great sportsman of an era
    when football was more of a sport.
  10. Nov 28, 2005 #9
    George himself said, had he been born ugly you'd have never heard of Pele.
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