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News George W. Bush's 3rd term?

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    If George W. Bush were serving a third term as president now, what state do you believe our country would be in?
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    denial and bankruptcy
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    The news organizations wouldn't have anything to talk about because there would be no health care reform.

    We might owe a little less to China.

    The defense budget most likely wouldn't be so over bloated, seeing that the Democrats (and Republicans) took the bill and ran with it this year.
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    the republicans had become complacent and decadent. what's funny is how fast they fell after Bill Clinton. thing is, i'm not sure they're getting the wakeup call this time.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Interesting comment considering that both parties support health care reform.
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    You really think that there would have been a universal health care reform if GWB would have been in for a third term? I do not think so.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Even though there is general agreement that we need reform, it would not happen under Bush. I agree with your statement.
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    which means what, exactly?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Recall also that the first bailout was under Bush. That was the one thing he did right... that, and when he started ignoring Cheney and Rummy. The fact is that Bush's policies as he left office were quickly approaching those sought now by Obama. The biggest difference is that we are actually going after the terrorist camps and leaders as our primary focus, militarily.

    We've gotten something like 13 of Al Qaeda's top 20 leaders in recent months, using drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I mean exactly what I said. We need it, but under Bush it would never happen; at least not under the Bush that we know. It would violate his beloved ideology that helped to create the mess we are in today.
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    D H

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    Have you been sleeping for the last four months? The Republicans are giving the wake-up call this time around.
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    Can you please explain?

    Isn't Obama outspending Bush? Aren't we seeing a public backlash to Obama's policies? Are we printing money and raising the national debt limit (for the second time in 10 months)?

    Is Gitmo closed? Are we out of Iraq? Did the Stimulus contain unemployment at 8%? Were healthcare debates televised on C-span? Were "earmarks" eliminated (over 8,000 on the first Bill Obama signed)? Did Obama run the Lobbyists out of town? Did Caterpillar hire a lot of new workers?

    Shall I go on? Denial and bankruptcy - good luck explaining your point.
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    "Tuesday, February 6, 2007

    President Bush's defense budget request of $481.4 billion -- an 11 percent boost over last year -- pushes U.S. defense spending to levels not seen since the Reagan-era buildup of the 1980s. "


    "WASHINGTON, Oct. 14, 2008 – President Bush signed the fiscal 2009 defense budget into law today, authorizing a $512 billion base to support military readiness, as well as $66 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan."


    Obama can't cut it overnight when he has been handed two 'wars'.

    "More ominously, Mr. Obama's budget has overall defense spending falling sharply starting in future years -- to $614 billion in 2011, and staying more or less flat for a half decade."

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    Wasn't the Stimulus Bill $787 Billion?
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    "Gross debt in nominal dollars quadrupled during the Reagan and Bush presidencies from 1980 to 1992. The Public debt quintupled in nominal terms. In nominal dollars the public debt rose and then fell between 1992 and 2000 from $3T in 1992 to $3.4T in 2000. But if measured in constant 2008 dollars the public debt actually fell over the period. During the administration of President George W. Bush, the gross debt increased from $5.6 trillion in January 2001 to $10.7 trillion by December 2008,[6] rising from 58% of GDP to 70.2% of GDP."


    America wasn't in the greatest financial condition when Obama took over---maybe you weren't aware of things that were going on prior to and in Jan. of 2009, and what lead to the present situation.

    "Wasn't the Stimulus Bill $787 Billion? "

    what? do you think someone can end/stop a flood AFTER the dam has already broken?
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    And 50 top taliban leaders in the Helmand province of Afg. have been killed by the SAS and SEALs.

    I believe that with Obama under control of the Afg. conflict, it will be a lot different. Most of GWB's plans were for large scale ground warfare, and this isn't what Obama is going for. Sure there will be a troop surge, but it is needed since the summer is when wars start back up again. Obama is going for a more technological approach, with a lot of quick strikes.
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    You used the words "denial and bankruptcy ". Now you seem to be pretending that Obama's spending over the next few years will not far exceed Bush's spending. Next, you fail to recognize that Obama's Stimulus Bill was larger than the military numbers you've posted. Plus, you've evaded answering my question regarding Obama's broken promises altogether - in my world - THAT is denial.
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    it would be fairly easy for all sides to say they are for something that is politically popular, but not well-defined.

    supposing i tell you i am also for health care reform, what do you suppose it is that i'm for?

    i am also for peace, prosperity, patriotism, and family values.
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    evading? denial? sorry, I'm not used to the Rush Limbaugh approach in the way of your responses.

    If you just want to jump around, I'll let someone else with a similar approach as yours to continue the debate if someone wants to.
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