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News Georgia apprehends 100g HEU

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    Mr. Bush keeps on with his empty rhetoric, while highly-enriched uranium (weapons-grade) is flying around the former Soviet bloc like so many drunk bees.

    http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/25/world/europe/25smuggling.html?hp&ex=1169701200&en=7383b09a27c94149&ei=5094&partner=homepage [Broken]

    You can search the State of Union speeches and contrast the reality with the colorful illusion American politics is living in.

    2002 - "And second, we must prevent the terrorists and regimes who seek chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons for threatening the United States and the World".

    2003 - "We are working with other governments to secure nuclear material in the former Soviet Union..."

    Well, that was four years ago. Loose Soviet materials and/or terrorist nuclear ambitions have not been mentioned in 2005, 2006 or 2007; instead he's shifted his talk exclusively to the Iranian and North Korean programs.

    So, who's going to take political responsibility for this issue? Clinton hasn't. Bush failed at it. Anyone who takes this on in a serious and productive manner has my attention.
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    The US is very much involved and concerned with the former-Soviet nuclear materials, the success story of the secure transfer of Ukraine's weapons being a good example.

    On Bush's Middle East/North Korean focus, it is interesting to note that when the US removed two tons of LEU from Iraq in 2004, some experts criticized the decision to leave 400 tons of uranium ore behind.

    In an ironic twist, one expert noted that, "[Iraq's] natural uranium is still dangerous and could be used in a nuclear weapons program or sold to somebody that would misuse it."

    Though the uranium in question was probably not going anywhere during Saddam's reign, I still find it remarkable that people can criticize the US for not doing enough to stop the proliferation of WMD materials from Iraq, especially when the prevailing opinion is that there was no WMD-related threat to begin with.
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