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Georgia Tech or UMich?

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    I just got accepted for grad school in nuclear engineering in Georgia Tech and in UMich-Ann Arbor. I am wrestling with the decision where to go. UMich was ranked #1 in nuclear engineering, whereas GaTech is slightly higher in general overall ranking (not highly ranked in nuc eng). It seems to me Atlanta is the nicer city and Gatech seems more "engineering-esque". Please help!
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    The girl/guy ratio at GT is 1/3. You might wanna check out www.studentsreview.com for some insight about the school from students that are attending, or atleast have attended, those schools. Good luck with your decision.
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    U of M all the way, great school, great city, excellent reputation for engineering and huge alumni that might help when searching for a job.
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    Both are good schools for nuclear engineering!

    In what particular area of nuclear engineering is one interested?
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    Depends on your definition of "nicer," I suppose. :smile:

    I went to grad school (physics) at U of M and very much enjoyed living in Ann Arbor for eight years. I've never lived in Atlanta but have visited it once or twice a year for the past fifteen years or so (easy driving distance for weekend trips). I personally would pick Ann Arbor again, but that might be because while I enjoy visiting big cities, I feel more at home in medium-sized to small ones.
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    You cannot get that "college town" feeling as much in atlanta, Ann Arbor is pretty much the definition of a college town, a really exciting and diverse culture and atmosphere.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to go to UMich, but Georgia threw a nice chunk of money my way, and since I'm an international student, I couldn't decline. I sold my soul ;)
    I would like to pursue a career in nuclear non-proliferation (but from a more technical standpoint) - a hybrid of engineering and policy.
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