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Gerd-Liv Valla resigns

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    http://www.nhh.no/omnhh/beretning/2002/img/valla.jpg [Broken]
    Less than three months ago, she was arguably Norway's most powerful individual. Today, she is nothing after she resigned as leader of the National Labour Union .

    In the 1970's as a student, she was a hard-core Marxist who meant that Mao wasn't a tough enough commie.

    As she grew up, she moderated, but never publicly apologized for her earlier political views, and made her career within the Labour Union.

    In 2001, her career reached a pinnacle when she was elected as leader for the National Labour Union, always closely related to Norway's largest political party, Labour.
    When the current Labour government made proposals to cut costs on social issues, Valla effectively smashed those.
    In effect, she put the National Labour Union into a position where they could "NAY" the government's policy whenever they chose to.
    (Or at least the Labour Party's policy, which today is much the same, since they lead a majority cabinet.)

    Her downfall was the disclosure of her often ruthless, insensitive leadership style; effectively, she bullied her subordinates into tears by scolding them in front of others for not doing their job properly.

    She was, and is, the archetypal BI**H.

    However, most think that her downfall has been secretly sanctioned (and posssibly engineered) by our Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who had been publicly defeated and humiliated by her in many political clashes.

    In effect, she has been paid back in full, and whipped into silence and out of power.
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    Sounds like a nasty piece of work...
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