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German biophysics student -> masterprogram abroad?

  1. Aug 29, 2012 #1
    German biophysics student --> masterprogram abroad?


    I've read a lot of postings on this forum so far, and I'm impressed that there are so many people trying to help each other. Now I have a few questions which hopefully can be answered by you.

    I'm a biophysics student (3rd semester) from Germany. During my studies I fell in love with theoretical physics, so I'm thinking about becoming a theoretical biophysicist. Here are the subject's I have to take for a Bachelor's Degree in Germany:

    theoretical Physics:
    - Newtonian / Classical Mechanics (1st semester)
    - Analytical Mechanics (2nd semester)
    - Electrodynamics and Magnetism (3rd semester)
    - Quantum Mechanics (4th semester)

    experimental Physics:
    - Mechanics (1st semester)
    - Electrodynamics and Magnetism (2nd semester)
    - Optics (3rd Semester)
    - Atomic and Particle Physics (3rd semester)


    - inorganic Chemistry (1st semester)
    - organic Chemistry (2nd semester)
    - physical Chemistry (2nd semester)
    - Biochemistry (3rd semester)
    - biophysical Chemistry (4th semester)
    - theoretical Chemistry (5th semester)


    - Introduction to Biology: Botany, Zoology, Evolution, Ecology (1st semester)
    - Genetics (4th semester)
    - Microbiology, molecular Biology or/and Neurobiology (4th or 5th semester)

    I also have to take extra offered subjects which are worth 9 Credit Points. As I want to become a theoretical biophysicst I was thinking about taking "Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics" in 5th semester.

    So, this was a long introduction, now I have the following questions:

    I'm thinking about doing a master's program in the U.S. Would you recommend doing so? Or would you rather say that I should make my master's Degree here in Germany, and look for a PhD program later on? I really want to do some part of my studies abroad, the question is: When is the best time to do so?

    I just gave you an idea of what we have to learn in Germany: Is something missing? Do I have to take extra courses to get into a master's or PhD program in the U.S? Is there any university you would recommend for biophysical studies? Most Universities (which do biophysical research) I know here in Germany have a large focus on biophysical Chemistry and Chemistry in general. I'm more interested in substencial physical phenomena.

    Do you know any biophysicists who specialized in theoretics? Where do they work? If they do research, what is their specific field?

    Thanks in advance, and I apologize for lingual mistakes I might have made.
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