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German Physics, 1920s-40s

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    I am writing a novel based on theory that the Germans developed, not atomic but -isomer- weapons in the latter part of WWII and it was these which were to form the basis of Hitler's '10 minutes after midnight' miracle save, after the occupation.

    Unfortunately, my understanding of period quantum mechanics and isomer theory is limited, extending only so far as to the idea that if you twist certain norms of field behavior in an atom, you can cause internal nucleonic conditions to collapse and change into a pattern or 'geometry' (Hahn) which is more amenable to an increase in energy states, going quickly from ground to metastable without lossiness transition through multiple secondary bands, which also enables them to hold their enhanced state for longer.

    What I would like to know is if there are any good books or papers discussing this ability to attain quick state change for materials -other than- Hf178M2. Like Radium, Tritium, Thorium or Tantalum. Materials more likely to be available to the Germans in the period 1943-45.

    I am also after technical descriptions or photos of the period sluice, Kluis tube, centrifuge, ultra centrifuge and cyclotron/calutron. I need to know how big they are and how much they weight as a function of volume and manufacturing time.

    Unfortunately, the Germans didn't have a 'white light' (multiband X-Ray photon source) fluorescence options like we do. But they did have some pretty wild ideas about quantum mechanics.

    My specific idea is to present the notorious 'die glocke' as an early ultra centrifuge (Diebner) and use an modified Van De Graf (Ardenne device) source for direct neutron spall excitation rather than X-Ray fluorescence, once the counter-spin conditions are low enough to allow the isomer state to become just slightly unstable.

    In this, I get the best combination of shape and spin modified isomeric state change as the means to bypass rapid gamma decay.

    But I need to read some more about specific material studies and 1940s knowledge of quantum mechanical field theories before I commit to writing.

    Anyone who can help me out here or in a PM, please feel free to recommend a title.

    Thank You- GLAR
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